Wednesday, February 04, 2009

almost human.

i finally dragged myself to the doctor yesterday morning after 8 days of being sick sick sick. (which, to say, is not as severely as I thought I was) some surprises:

1. Pregnant women can take Robitussin. I wish I had known that last week.

2. Codeine is a cough suppressant. Also apparently it's the safest one for pregnant women.

3. Codeine is total crap.  it suppresses your cough by sucking every available ounce of fluid out of your body.  I think I drank 10 glasses of water last night. (all. night. long) But then it didn't clear my sinuses and, being unable to clear them, simply dried all the snot into cement so I couldn't breathe. 

so a $20 copay and a $10 pharmacy charge so I could have yet another miserable night and no I don't really care how whiny I sound thank you very much.  every time I cough I feel like the bones in my face are going to explode. the netti pot isn't even a match for these sinuses of death. 

the end. 


Hannah said...

uh. you sound so miserable. i'm sorry. let me know if you need me to make any soup runs on my way home from work!

Staci said...

what's a netti pot? I hate viruses.

Kathy said...

Oh man, I've had the same thing for a week myself. It complicates things being pregnant! My sinuses finally started to drain yesterday so I don't feel like I am going to explode, but it has all moved downward and now my throat is raw and I am coughing like crazy. I will say this, I took Claritin-D and it gave me some sinus relief. I was desperate because I too have tried everything. Sudafed is for the birds. Vicks sort of helped. The humidifier sort of helped. Sitting up in bed sort of helped. But mostly I just didn't sleep for days. It was actually the priesthood blessing made all the difference in the was within a couple hours of the blessing that my sinuses started to drain two days ago.
I wish you a speedy recovery. Know someone in St Louis knows EXACTLY how you feel (I think we are even due within a couple weeks of each other).
This really does stink!

Gurgy said...

Poor baby, you need a humidifier to help with the dryness, or hang your head over a sink of really hot water while you are covered with a towel (like a tent) that will help as well. Also, loved the Sookie books lol.


Erin said...

hey you wanna know something that's funny? you have this best friend since childhood that's a nurse... maybe next time you'll CALL her & ask her. Silly girl. Sorry you've got the yuck.