Sunday, February 15, 2009


NO.  (okay so this is an extreme shot. her hair is super-cute curly when it's treated right, but this shot served our purposes)  :)

yes! she had never had her hair straightened before and it was way fun to play with. 
I am now wishing that I had my own pair of peep toe shoes.... after we got back from shopping and I was thinking of cute stuff I wanted to buy for myself someday when I'm not quite so belly-heavy craig said, "No more talking about shopping! No more!" 

he's getting nervous. 


Staci said...

What a cute baby sister you have, and what a sweet older sister you are. I just love make-overs!!!

Pomona Noltes said...

Beautiful, Kristen. Don't burn her out too fast...don't want to make her run back to Trinity County in those cross trainers!

Sharon said...

She looks like Jacquie!! Her nose is different though.

Gurgy said...

OMG poor baby she got her Auntie's hair lol. I finally broke down and bought a flat iron... I LOVE IT!! I finally can have straight hair hehe.. Great look Nancy!

Allie Thornbrue said...

I am sorry to hear about Nanette. And what a cute pregnant lady you are.

Anonymous said...

Craig, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Have fun playing dress-up, Kristen!!