Monday, February 09, 2009

Dear Nanette;

so, it's been a month. you've been gone a month. Via email, phone, and Skype we've done a moderately good job of keeping in touch.  I can picture your house, although it's hard to picture you guys living in it. 
I can picture the weather there, and the terrain, and the trees.  (it helps to have been there before).   You'll have to do a better job at blogging though, or emailing photos.  And making lists of all the things you did each day and what you bought and what's for dinner..... 

well. maybe not that many details...

for awhile, I tossed around the idea of taking a photo of these 3 palm trees every day and posting it, so you could see what the weather was like here. (honestly, not so much to rub it in, I'm just a weather geek that way).  But most days it's just like the picture above. sometimes it's bluer. 
except this day - the day before our last storm:
it was cloudy. and I couldn't get the 3 palm trees, because someone parked in my way.  the jerk.

my belly is this big now. I told connor to take a photo.  this is the second one he took, because the first one was focused.... a little bit north of the bump. "erm, Con? we want to focus on the belly here, not the boobs."  
he hates it when I say that word.  he gets all embarrassed. "sorry mom, I'll try again."  He snapped the photo, pressed 'play' to see how it turned out, and handed over the camera with this apology - 
"I tried not to get your boobs in this one mom, but they're just right there."

now, for a girl who basically has none when she is not pregnant or nursing, this was not an unwelcome observation.  I let him play an extra day of video games for that comment last week. and promised to stop saying the b-word in front of him.  (although I slipped a few days later and was treated to a "mo-om.." in disgusted tones. whoops.  sorry.) he has since learned the term "mammary glands" from his science lesson on mammals.  he thinks it's fantastic. it makes me feel like a cow.  

Anyway - it's been a month! kind of a boring month on this side - much more going on up north with you guys; what with unpacking and getting settled and all that.  We all got sick, we all got better. Started homeschool. 
Nancy comes tomorrow- which I'm sure will spark a flurry of makeover posts. Poor kid. She just has no idea what I'm going to do to her... I expect a couple of weeks full of "shut up and try this on." "shut up and let me try this with your hair." "I don't care if you don't like it, it's cute." 

I wonder who will get sick of the bossiness first, Nancy or Craig?  

Miss you- 



Kristen and Ryan said...

What a cute baby bump!

Nancy H. said...

I am scared...

Sage said...

Run Nancy Run! Save yourself! heheh Just kidding ;) your sister is just wanting a girl to "doll up" hehe.

Gurgy said...

Ack! Nicole just mailed a letter up north to Nancy lol, your mom will have to forward it. Love the bump, can't wait to welcome the new addition to the family.

love ya!


Erin said...

Awww.... this is so sad Kris. I hate that feeling. Sorry for the loneliness, especially since it's augmented by pregnancy hormones.

p.s. way cute bump, btw. too bad mine is about the same size & I'm way behind you.

Nanette said...

Aw! Make me cry!!!
I can't help it if I get a seizure every time I stare at the computer too long!!
I'll try to be *sniff* a better friend from now on :(
I'm jealous of the boobs (and even the bump a little ;)
Miss you too!

Catherine said...

I certainly hope you had your 72-hour kits ready for that very nasty-looking day with the clouds (snicker, snicker)!

Staci said...

I think Craig McDowell will get sick of it first.