Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I told my mom that connor loved puzzles and that one would be a good present for christmas.  she got him a 750 piece garden painting. i'm not sure if we'll EVER actually get that thing completed! Connor did pretty good - better than I for sure - and Nancy was pretty much a wizard at it. But we still ended up needing the kitchen table after 3 days and had to put it away.

maybe we'll try again next year...

my youngest has spent some days looking like this:

last sunday and yesterday.  random barfiness? virus that just hung on? who knows.  poor kid though. Of course, yesterday morning after waking up at 5 a.m. and throwing up every 20 minutes for 5 hours he suddenly wanted a banana, milk, and a cookie; ate them all down, and was fine for the rest of the day. 

kids are amazing. 


Gurgy said...

If you get yourself a large piece of felt and put your puzzle on it, then when you need your table you can roll it up. Then when you are ready to start it again you just unroll it and go. Hope Fletch feels better poor thing.


beautifuldey said...

Sorry about the least you're getting it over with before the baby comes.

As for puzzles I totally stink at them. If you need the space but want to keep working then set it up on a piece of cardboard and just slide it under the sofa until you want to work on it again. It's out of the way and "safe" hopefully.

Nanette said...

mothers like you are amazing too ;)
Hang in there everyone!!

Pomona Noltes said...

Your mom is nuts! 100 piece max for Connor!

Catherine said...

Fletcher is adorable even (maybe even "especially") when he's sick!

Dang! I miss that kid!