Thursday, February 26, 2009


... and other mature thoughts from a cranky pregnant woman who would rather not have spent 6 hours in the hospital just now. 

so yeah.

that was fun. 

also more than a little bit embarrassing because it was all (apparently) because I was dehydrated that the baby's heart rate was so high but then I was stressing out and extremely uncomfortable and so having a jolly ton of contractions which then became the main focus of the residents and instead of being there for 20 minutes it was SIX HOURS and now I'm home and would love to sleep but have been laying down for so long already that it just feels all wonky.

4 days of full bed rest until my "follow up" appt. on Monday.  Oh joy of joys.

am going to log off now and count my many, abundant, and unbelievable blessings and try to improve my miserable rat-faced attitude.  



Gurgy said...

Oh have I been in your shoes... yep 4 months of bedrest, two months of labor... I was so miserable before they finally decided to take Nicole by C-section (because of COURSE she was breach) that I just layed there and cried. Was it all worth it? YOU BETCHA!! Chin up sweetie, big hugs from your auntie!

Staci said...

I am annoyed for you! They love freaking out over stuff like that at the end...aren't stress tests fun?

Kimm said...

I'm so sorry Kristen!! I hate the hospital...but I guess you want to make sure everything is alright with the little guy! Isn't pregnancy fun! Hang in're almost done (although those last few months do seem like they take forever!

Nanette said...

I just love your positive attitude :)
You inspire me!

Erin said...

Water: yes. Soda: no. Drink lots. How many days left? Remember the first one where you could practically count down the hours? Now I'm lucky if I get the month right.

Catherine said...

Um... so why am I just now learning about this?