Friday, February 08, 2008

What to do when you hear:
"Ack! Help! Get him off me!"

You take pictures, of course.

Poor sweet abused boy.
so, some of you were concerned about my earlier post this week. well, no worries! craig was just busy getting another job. :) it's all settled now, and he'll start in a week. we're not moving or anything, but he's excited for this new opportunity. the home front has calmed back down and we're looking forward to a fun rest-of-the-year.


corbeau said...

Batman toured my place of work while doing research for a movie.

It was awesome.

Nathan Lindsay said...

Where'd Craig go??? We want info!

Gurgy said...

yeah tell us the news! where did he go?

The Au Family said...

Keeping us all in suspense......

Congrats on the new job!