Thursday, February 28, 2008

what a boring blogger I have been

I got these all done last weekend. You see that purple quilt on the bottom? Yes, that is the very same one I started almost a YEAR AGO. Every time I hand-quilt something, I swear that I will never hand quilt anything again - and then I do. And then it takes me a year. I actually started a baby quilt for some friends a few years ago - they've had ANOTHER baby since then and I'm just getting the binding on it. Maybe they'll have a third, and this can be for that baby...

Motivated much? As you see, I am not. This must be fixed.

I also made chair covers for our primary kids' class seats. The ones we had were all dark blue and boring. I love how these turned out. Please bear with my lousy camera. :)

edited: I totally bought a walking foot FINALLY today! no more hand-quilting for me! also, I bought a ruffler. today is experimenting day! YAY!


corbeau said...

could totally finish Maximum Ride in three nights!!

Blink is a book about the power of your subconscious. Like those instant first judgments that you can't explain, but usually turn out to be right.
Rachel Morgan books are my guilty pleasure. I don't know if I should give a good church going girl like your more info about those.
Rachel Morgan, and Jim Butcher. Those are two that I really like, but that other fans say, "YOU like those?! A Nice Mormon girl like you? What are you even doing reading books like those?!!"

DailyFamily said...

HURRAY for the walking foot!!

Hannah said...

and a walking foot is?