Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a couple of weeks ago, dh came home from work with this idea for spending better quality time with the kids. too often in the evenings, after dinner, we'll end up sprawled on the couch in front of the t.v. or video games, for no apparent reason besides that we don't know what else to do.


so dh decided that we should pick 7 things - one for each night of the week - and make a card for each one (that was my job) and then each night the boys can pick one. we will spend at least 30 minutes doing said thing, and then when all the cards get used up we start all over again.
i made the cards several days ago, and have finally gotten around to making a pouch to put them all in and hang on the boys' bedroom wall. (i stiffened the pouch with a sheet of posterboard inside) it was nice to be crafty. i feel like it's been awhile.


Nanette said...

Do YOU wrestle too?!

Gurgy said...

Neat idea, we are just as bad in our house, Nana reads, Nicole gets on her computer and talks to friends or plays Guild Wars, and I do either one..... I like your idea!!

DailyFamily said...

Good idea...I love your cards! You're so artsy and good at it!!
But I also want to know if you wrestle too.

Kristen said...

as a matter of fact, sometimes I do. but I do not enjoy it, I must confess. mostly i prefer to hand the boys weapons and cheer them on... :)