Tuesday, February 05, 2008

these books are all that is gross and irreverent in children's literature. i used to walk by them in the book store and think, "people will read anything".

oh, judge not! lest ye be judged!

my oldest son, who is 7, got the first of the Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey for Christmas from a friend. He took one look at the cover and set the book as far away from himself as he could, hoping not to be associated with it in public.

then, at the end of january, needing a book to read for homework and being out of everything else, i talked him into starting Captain Underpants . I got halfway through the book and both he and my 3-almost-4 year old were begging me to let them stay up so we could finish it.

And they're fun for me too! When the boy gets sick of reading and asks me to take over, it's fun to read the names (Miss Anthrope, Ms. Ribble), make the sounds (I'll spare you examples of that) and find out how George and Harold are going to save the day, and Captain Underpants, this time.

We had to buy the next two books on friday. we're already almost done with #3. my 7 year old was laughing so hard last night he turned red, and was gasping for breath. i read the first 1/3 of the book and then sent them to bed - only to go in there at 10 pm to make sure they were still tucked in, and to see him still awake and reading the book!!

they. are. hilarious. if you have kids in the right age - especially boys- i highly recommend them.



Nanette said...

Another fabulous book by Dav Pilkey is: A Friend for Dragon. It's so cute! Dragon makes friends with an apple and tells it what a good friend it is because it listens so well.
He's a great author!

Anonymous said...

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