Monday, February 11, 2008

I've obviously gotten away from the whole Valentine's Day obsession lately. I haven't posted a cute picture or craft idea in days! Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. We have a V-Day tradition that involves very little of the gooey sweetness found in stores during the season. It's called Chineese take-out and a movie rental.

this year we're going to spice it up a little though - we're going OUT to eat Chinese and then going to a THEATRE to see a movie! Crazy!

Really, it's because Spiderwick is coming out on V-Day and we all want to see it, so it'll be a family affair this year.


my husband is really fun. he makes things fun.
he's also funny, which I really think I couldn't live without.
we'll be walking along, and he'll bump into me. over and over again.
he'll race me, in seperate elevators, up to a friend's apartment.
he still tries to sing "popular" even though he has never, ever, gotten the tune right.
every so often, he'll test to see how schauvenistic he can be and get away with it. the wicked-mischevous gleam in his eyes is so darn cute that he gets away with it a lot.
"wench, get me a cookie!"
although sometimes I throw them at him, just to prove i'm not a doormat. :)

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Gurgy said...

Being able to laugh with/at each other and yourselves is so very important! It helps you to not take life to seriously. Hope you two have a great time on V-Day, I just wish I was there so I could baby sit =).

Love ya both,