Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Somebody turned 4 today!

Apparently, the new year also adds a new name. his nickname of choice is no longer "thunder", but Spider Kid. and he will correct you, every time you get that wrong.

for the kid-party, i made web cupcakes with these little confetti cut outs in them. Scrumptious! I'm making a bigger, spidey shaped cake for the family party tonight - oy. wish me luck.
got to do whatever he wanted. which was eat snacks and play games. luckily we had company for most of the day - so he had to put the games away.

he got so much spidey-loot. He's going to be a walking advert for the rest of the year!


The Au Family said...

What a great week for birthdays! Robbie's was yesterday and Lauren's is Friday. Robbie had a spiderman cake too! :)

Erin said...

Make that 3 Spidey parties if you count Trevor's last month. I was thinking about him yesterday, pathetic that I have never actually seen this little guy!

Hot Chocolate said...

How can he be four? I've never even met him? You guys have been away too long.

Happy Birthday, Spider Kid!

Gurgy said...

Happy Birthday Spidey Kid!!