Friday, February 15, 2008

my husband called me from work expressly to tell me that he bought me something but it was NOT a Valentine's Day gift - because we don't exchange gifts on v-day - so not to freak out and try to go and buy him something:

see how pretty! he got it at DNA, which is "Los Angeles Magazine's "Best Retail Outlet"". he totaly fell in love with the store while he was there. for those of you in the area, it's a little boutique-sized shop on Rose Ave in Venice. about 4 blocks in from the beach.

now I need to get a slip!

in other news, what do you do when your son is running a high fever and can hardly bring himself to stand?
nintendo DS of course. and lots of Star Wars.
he has been lounging on practically every surface. my bed, my sheep-skin rug, the couch, the floor, the fold-up papasan-style chair. Everywhere but his own bed, of course. Nanette warned me this would happen last week...


Nanette said...

You are going to look SO fabulous in that thing!

Gurgy said...

Great taste Craig... You will look wonderful sweetie.

Amber said...

That is a beautiful dress and looks just like something you would pick out yourself. How about a shot with YOU in it?

Joni said...

Oh my word, is that DOTTED SWISS?