Monday, February 11, 2008

For heaven's sake! Alright - Craig got a job here. Sorry it's a boring link, you have to be a client to actually enter the site. You can see a list of things they've worked on here.

We're excited. It's a considerable pay raise, and he's working with a bunch of guys who he really likes. (all of whom have been at DD at one time or another) We have to figure out our own insurance for a few months, and the gig is only a 6 month thing - but if they have a lot of work in august, they'll likely keep him if he wants to stay.

So it's all good news. Except that Asylum is a bit farther from our apartment, and so whenever I want to have the car, I have to drive a bit to drop him off, and then to pick him up in the evening. I told Craig I want a better stroller for my walking days.

Like this one. :)

I realize I don't really need a double stroller NOW. But I might soon. Hopefully.


Hot Chocolate said...


and congrats to craig. that's awesome. glad things are going good.

Amber said...

Congrats to Craig on the new job. Hopefully it works out well and he'll be able to stay much longer than 6 months. Maybe it's time to get a second car.

I like the stroller. I have a friend who has one like that. I had NO idea they were SO pricey. I'll be waiting for your "announcement".

Gurgy said...

mmmmmmmmm.... I posted here yesterday, but now its gone.... Congrats Craig on the new job!!

Nanette said...

Yea for Craig!

Erin said...

Wow, that's totally awesome about the new job.
p.s. I am totally coveting that stroller, I've seen the style before & it rocks.