Thursday, February 21, 2008

Somebody, please, help me.

these eyes need makeup. they love makeup. they can hardly bring themselves to leave the apartment without mascara. but they recently have developed a problem. I don't know if it's the new brand of liquid liner, or if it's the non-waterproof mascara, or what. for the past few weeks, any application of said products makes my eyes itchy, tender, and develop tiny little watery bumps.

this is not fun. and it is not okay.

are any of you users of a mascara/liner that is made for sensitive skin/eyes? are there 'natural' makeup products out there?

and if i get one comment on the size of my nose (mother, oh yes, I am talking to you) there will be consequences.

this is another birthday picture. taken, actually, mere seconds before the one I posted on his birthday posting. every time I open my photo files, this one is staring me in the face, begging me to let it out. is your heart breaking? oh, mine did. over and over again. this was pretty much how he looked through the entire face painting. he hates getting stuff in his eyes and was freaked out and telling me he didn't want to be spider man after all.

mean mom that I am, I told him to sit still and be quiet and that he would love it in the end. which he did. as soon as he saw himself in the mirror, he started glowing. he wanted to show everyone.

but I still feel bad about it.


Maxine said...

Try Aveda at the CC mall. I've never used their makeup products before, but I love and use their skin care stuff. Everything is supposed to be all plant derived, so I'm assuming their makeup should too. They'll let you play with their stuff in-store, too. Origins (also at CC mall) also has a ton of natural-type products and is *slightly* less expensive. Good luck!

Gurgy said...

Almay is supposed to be great for sensitive skin/eyes by being hypo-allergenic? Non Hypo? what ever, anyways one of the ladies I work with says its the only thing she can wear. Also you might want to switch to a non water proof one (I had to).

Hannah said...

what were you using before? did you like it well enough to go back since it wasn't giving you the same problems?
i've also heard aveda is good. let me know if you want to go check it out- i've wanted to but have always been too lazy.

Maxine said...

Oops, Century City mall

Nanette said...

I use clinique for sensitive skin reasons myself. But, maybe it's just time for a new bottle of mascara. Any mascara does that if you use it too long.
How'dya get your eyes to look all cool and sparkly in that picture? Neat-o!

Erin said...

Are you still using the same stuff that you were when it 1st started happening? If so, or if it's old (sorry) then you could be re-infecting yourself.

Kristen said...

nanette - the flash on the camera.

the mascara was brand new. but it's the first time i've used not-water-proof, but it's the same brand I usually use (or, one of the 2 or 3 anyway).

Thanks for the input - I'll try hunt around a bit with aveda and clinique.

Hot Chocolate said...

One of the many interesting stories from when Kissable and I were dating was when I had an allergic reaction to my new mascara. Both my eyes swelled up like balloons. Very attractive. Max Factor...never again. I now us Almay. Not a problem.