Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i went back to Pepe's Thrift Shop yesterday to 1) see if they had any awesome furniture that needed to be purchased (they didn't) and 2) see if I could find an awesome container to put my stuff in for the swap (I could). once again with me and the photo-idiotica, I did not take any pictures of the package I put together for my swap partner, but I was so thrilled with what I found! Hopefully she likes it and if you are dying of curiosity maybe she'll take a photo when she gets it.

on a side note: she totally posted a photo of the stuff she's sending to me. i can hardly stand it, i'm so excited.

while I was meandering around the 10 ft stacks of furniture and knick-knacks, I stumbled across this set of 4 glass bottles. 3 of them looked like they had junk inside that would never come out in a million years. but this one (above) was mostly clean and I simply had to have it.

can you see what it says there? "shasta water" as in, that shasta. this is the place craig and i went on one of our first dates. (snowboarding. i um, really suck at it) he proposed to me in the shadow of this mountain. just a little sentimental value, here.

the neck of the bottle is just tiny, so i can't really put anything into it, except maybe a couple of flowers. but that's pretty much perfect.



Erin said...

Oh my goodness! You're toally getting a pincushion made from my friend Sandi's fabric line. I clicked on your link & thought "holy cow! I know those prints!" Still so weird after all this time.

DailyFamily said...

Isn't it kind of cheating if you already know what you're getting?
I looked at it too...way cute stuff.

Hannah said...

so, i think the vase is really cool, although your pic is a little too dark to really tell. guess i'll just have to come visit and see it for myself :)

Hannah said...
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