Monday, July 07, 2008

the smallest of these two pequena y caliente chicas had the brilliant idea of going to the park for a picnic today. it was perfect weather for it. we were headed for a much prettier spot, but the young folk got distracted by ducks so we had to park ourselves front and center at the "lake" at Kenneth Hahn park.

fletcher pondered the majesty of that thing known as easy cheese. yuk.

connor tried hard to not be cute. he tried to be scary and threatening. it really, really didn't work for me. the little puppy.
also there were ducks. who, as it turned out, were not much interested in the bread.

but then these 3 teenage girls who were sitting nearby started throwing chips at the ducks, and it was mayhem! Duck Mayhem! one of the girls actually got bit, although she was fine. the other two kept a respectful distance. there was an appropriate amount of girly squealing in the process.
thank you, small and cute one, for the great picnic idea!

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