Thursday, July 03, 2008

Christmas at the Mailbox

catherine used to always say that when people got boxes at the mail when we all lived in wymount. ah, how i do miss those cinder-block walls.

ha! i lie! i do not miss them at ALL!

ahem. box 1:
i'm getting ready to teach a beginning quilting class, and when i told my mom what pattern i was going to use, she said, "hey, i've got a couple of quilt tops in that. i'll send them to you."

well, thanks Mom!

aaaand, BOX 2! :

oooh oooooooohhhhhh!
wow, thanks Marianne! i instantly stuck a piece of gum in my mouth (still chewing, dang this stuff is potent!), painted my thumbnail "pretty in pink" and then smudged my polish while looking thru the fabulous magazine.

it's funny - i found a vintage metal bucket nearly the same shape as the one she sent me, to put her stuff in. it was a hard thing not keeping that bucket for myself. and you see, selflessness is rewarded!

of to be diligent. my apartment has not seen "diligent kristen" in far, far too long.

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