Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diego Comic Con 2008

4:15 a.m. - drag self out of bed
5:15 a.m. - drop kids off at Betsey's house (she and Eric watched our kids for 19 hours straight. I'm pretty sure I owe her free babysitting with no paybacks for the rest of my life)
5:45 a.m. - arrive at Union Station. Get interviewed by some bubbly blonde from KTLA. Hope they decide not to actually air my segment.
6:05 a.m - board train
7:15 a.m - listen to driver announce that the Interstate is closed, and that the train might be a bit full today. Slap high fives all around for taking the train this year.
8:00 a.m. - point to my dress and say how there's no way craig will lose me this year. He responds with "Are you kidding? You'll blend right in with that geekouflage."
9:30 a.m - arrive at the Con. Slap fives all around as we walk past the thousands of people in line and go straight for professional registration.
when I was taking this guy(girl?)'s picture, someone walking behind me shouted hatefully, "Toaster!"
that is what makes it all worth it, people.

this was as close as I could get to Stan Lee - and I had my zoom on as close as it would go and my arm reaching above the crowd. A man was next to us on the phone, "Dude, I am standing like 10 feet away from the guy who created Spider Man!"
I heart fanboys.

i have no idea what this robot is from or why it was at the con. but it looked cool.

again with the "it looked cool." However this looked so cool that I googled "Jane and the Dragon" so I could learn more about it. I will certainly be reading/watching this!

Hannah wore her pedometer just for fun. At the end of the day (but before we walked to dinner. then to dessert. then to the train station) it said 7 miles. eek! no wonder my feet are STILL sore!
a sweet treat from Ghiradelli to sustain us on our long train ride home.

not surprisingly, i fell asleep on the train back. I was so ready to get my kids and curl up in a big huggy ball with them and snooze until noon the next morning. (which, haha. they woke up at 7:30, just like every other day)

awesome swag. the boys were in heaven. 364 days to recover. whew!


DailyFamily said...

Mmm...mmm...I love the look of that dessert!!!

jeny said...

Hi Kristen,
This is my first visit to your blog (I found you off of Erin's post today on Dress a Day). I was admiring your comic dress when I noticed your picture of Ashley Wood's robot, Bramble. Now, I am by no means a comic book fan, but my brother in law is a comic artist so I have been reading Ash's blog so I might have something to talk to my b-i-l about. I was quiet surprised to find a picture of his robot on your blog! So, I thought you might like to peek at Ashley Wood's site:

And yes, I second that . . . the desert looks scrumptious!

Gurgy said...

Man, some day I want to go to that!! It looks like so much fun. I loved your dress and shoes btw.

Nanette said...

You didn't mention you might have been on the news!
What a fun, busy day!

Amber said...

You are hilarious! Love the dress. Glad you had fun.

Theresa said...

I also found you via A Dress a Day - your dress is fabulous.
I'm so glad you like Jane and the Dragon - my kids love it. It's being repeated on here on New Zealand TV and the DVDs have just been released.

Hannah said...

Just for the record. I had clocked 9.5 miles by the time I got in the door... No wonder our feet hurt :)

Also, getting up for A.M. plane ride post ComiCon not the most fun. Oh well, we only live once, right?

HWPP said...

Another comment via Dress a Day. Jane and the Dragon is an awesome show by the way. The animation is really interesting.

Its good having a small child to justify the cartoon watching! Not that it stopped before...

I love your dress, do you have a link to the Ebay store?

Erin said...

Rick is green with envy....