Sunday, July 06, 2008

you have to imagine this conversation just the right way. imagine me with my face buried in a pillow, one leg hanging off the bed. i'm awake, and i know i'll stay that way, but i'm going to be unhappy about it for awhile longer.

now imagine him, all excited about having a day off, standing by the side of the bed, periodically nudging me with a fist, and having a demeanor not unlike a golden retriever puppy.

here you go:

Him: What's for breakfast?

Me: Cereal

Him: I don't want cereal. Make me waffles!

Me: I made you waffles two days ago. I don't want waffles.

Him: .... Well - fine! I'll make my own waffles!

Me: You do that.

clarification: "him" was not one of my kids.

Kudos on the waffles, dear. Very festive. And scrumptious.


Gurgy said...

ROFL that is too funny!!! For a second there I was worried hehe...

Kristen and Ryan said...

Those look so fun!

Erin said...

Gotta love our hubbies...