Thursday, June 05, 2008

doesn't this look like fun? Oh yes it does. I love giving cool stuff to people - especially little bits and pieces of myself.

And, following Maxine's example, i have a hankering to post some of my favorite things, since i've been thinking about what i can send to my "little friend". :)

1. Notebooks. Especially one with maps on them. I loooooove notebooks, and i looooove maps. I have tons of unused notebooks lying around the apartment, because I can't stop buying them.

2. Fabric. one more thing i can't stop buying. if only my mom's shop would go online....

3. Chocolate.

that one's self explanatory.

I'll post more if awesomeness occurs to me. Otherwise, we'll be back from Yosemite on Sunday!

have a good weekend -


i'm kelly said...

thanks for the plug! and it looks like we share some favorites!

Elizabeth said...

I'm participating also, AND I love maps and journals! Do you save old atlases? I teach geography and I use the ruined ones for craft projects!

Maxine said...

How cool are you? Seriously! No, seriously... (Glad you're doing this swap, too! We should swap stories! Okay, that was uncalled for.)

ginger said...

You can't go wrong with fabric and chocolate, right? Those will definitely be in the package i send in some form or other!