Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer = Boring.
(at least for my readers)

Whenever I go for more than a couple of days without posting, and
without having any "planned posting" coming up, I usually start trying
to think of something fun and funny and interesting that I can put up
just so my blog does not feel neglected and so my relatives don't
start emailing me asking if I've died. (you know who you are)

But I've got nothing, people! It's been "park, beach, zoo, repeat"
here, which is great for us but less interesting for you. I was
supposed to get a rocking awesome picture of our new "entertainment
center" on Saturday but they didn't have it ready for us after all
which led to annoyance and bad feelings and now we can't pick it up
until NEXT Saturday..

saw Hellboy II on Saturday and it was cute (yes. really. "cute") but
not awesome.

have lots of projects to do but haven't actually worked on anything
for days and days.

so, i'll get on that... (just took my singer in to be serviced!) and see ya around!


Gurgy said...

OMG I saw Hellboy II last night and laughed until I cried it was so funny!! Sorry sweetie we loved it!

corbeau said...

What about when Hellboy and Abe are singing their love song? That was awesome.

Angela said...

Hellboy, cute? That sounds like an oxymoron to me, wow!