Thursday, April 17, 2008

yes, people, i am resting. i have not walked further than the distance from my apartment to my car (which, given, may be about a quarter of a mile, but whatever) all week. i'm starting to feel like i'm made of jell-o actually, what with all this lack-of-movement.

also, for me, "resting" tends to mean "blog hopping", much to my husband's dismay. but i have been sick this week and i have needed to stay rested so I'm feeling very okay with it for the moment. I just thought i'd share some of the things my blog-hopping has brought me:

on Monday karalenn called me (or maybe i called her, actually) and i was online and she was online and she told me to go to Emily's blog (happy birthday today, Em!) and look at this entry about this book:

which i promptly purchased with the last of my bookish birthday gift cards from my awesome friends. Then I got it yesterday. Which may be the most prompt Amazon has ever, ever, been.

and i'm very excited. because this lady, whose blog is here, and is awesome, has boys! like me, she has boys! and she's got this book full of creative ideas that boys can do, and enjoy! because i've been at the end of my rope since i put connor in public school. flether and i have not known, so much, what to do with eachother all day. mostly we end up wrestling and eating snacks. which is fun, but not so good for the development of his amazing little brain, is all.

So then I was going to all of my friends' blogs, who don't update nearly enough, and i hopped off of Hannah's blog to this blog, which is really very very funny, and she's just written a book also, which I may have to purchase here pretty soon -- anyway, what on earth was i talking about? oh yeah... so this funny lady had this entry about getting tickets to and attending the Oprah show. Which turned out to not be that exciting but she had some pictures of their day in Chicago and some things they saw. Namely These:

the point of her photograph (which I stole right off of her blog, sincerely hope she doesn't mind) was the astonishment that these shoes were $800. I believe she said something like, "$800 for a pair of shoes whoes heel looks like a teacup."

which is funny, because that may be exactly why i would be fully willing to pay $800 for said shoes. I mean, has there ever been a more perfect shoe to grace the eyeballs of passing window shoppers? these are the most amazing shoes i have ever seen. and since I will never own them, I'm going to need Karalenn to make a painting of them and send it to me, so i can gaze at it longingly every day.


Gurgy said...

Awesome shoes!!! I love them, I would wear them at your young age as well.... sigh I miss the days when I could wear heels, I must get my poor bunions fixed so I can wear them again!!

P.S. hope your feeling better!

Nanette said...

I wish I could buy those shoes for you! They are so worth the price. :)

Hannah said...

ha ha, those shoes are just out of control. and I think next time Craig bugs you about blogging you should time his video game playage.