Monday, April 14, 2008

i have chicken pox.

or at least, that is what Connor told his teacher and entire 2nd grade class this morning, after scratching a red spot under his armpit.

we took him to urgent care on Saturday morning, because he had developed a spotty rash here and there, and had had a fever a few days before. the doctor at urgent care felt very strongly that is was NOT chicken pox, but said he could not completely rule it out. (why did I tell connor that? WHY?)

he said it was probably a "non-specific virus" and that he was probably getting it from whatever was giving him a bit of a cold.

but, apparently, Connor did not want to stay at school today. and now, I'm pretty sure they're not going to want to see him back until the little red spots (all 6 of them) are completely gone. I got a call at around 10 this morning, from a very concerned office lady who pretty much insisted i bring him home.

i was torn between annoyance, and his genius for finding a way to get out of school. I had my friend Nanette go pick him up, and apparently he said to her, as they were leaving the office,
"when you were young, and you got out of school early, did you ever feel free? Because I feel so free right now."


however, i have noticed a couple of his little bumps looking irritated and pussy, so we'll probably hike back in to the doctor tomorrow.



Erin said...

Did he get the Varicella vaccine at age 2? Yeah, remember the good ol' days of chicken pox when someone would get them & all of the moms in the neighborhood would bring all their kids over to play? The beautiful thing about chicken pox is that by the time the poxes scab over (a.k.a. when you discover them) the kid is pretty much non-contagious.

Gurgy said...

ROFL I love his genius hehe.... I know that when you were little we exposed both you and Tisha to the dreaded chicken pox lol. I hate to tell you though that the shots don't help all that much! Nicole still got a nasty dose of them. You be careful with that baby!


Rika Silverpaw said...

Yeah I ended up having them twice! UGH that totally sucked...and that boy is a little stinker but totally a genius lol. Be careful though since you are prego. ^^