Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Productivity

what with my feeling actually really good this weekend, but not really being "able" to do a lot, I ended up starting a couple of projects that I've wanted to get going for quite some time. This little stack is 57 two-inch squares. I have to have 169 of them for my quilt - and they all have to be different fabrics! naturally, it's going to take me a little while to amass that much scrap fabric, but for now these little gems are in a baggie, waiting for friends.

I also managed to cut apart two pairs of jeans (thanks, chris!) (well, probably really thanks Nanette....) for another denim quilt.

that glorius tin in the background is one of the bits of the half-ton of chocolate that Robin brought over for me on Friday night. boy, was that good stuff. plus, way cute tin. I have never really kept tins before - but i've gotten 3 really cute ones since christmas, and I can feel a collection coming on.


DailyFamily said...

What kind of a quilt are you making with so many different squares...I wanna see a pattern :) I love starting projects!! Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Gurgy said...

2 inch squares huh? mmmmmmm I may have to send you a care package hehe... put nana to work on them since she is sitting around bored to tears! I have a ton of jeans of all different colors that I want to get cut up for a quilt. Making the time for it is so dang hard though! Love ya sweetie and glad to know your feeling better.. Chocolate ALWAYS helps!