Wednesday, April 02, 2008

a long post, and a long break.

last saturday craig told me to pick whatever I wanted to do for my birthday-day-fun. Can you guess where I said? Maybe this will help:

since we won't be going to the Happiest Place on Earth again for quite some time, I picked Disneyland! It was very crowded. But we had a good time, and we were all glad that we went.

we got to go on the submarines finally. and learned that Fletcher really really is not ready for big thunder mountain yet. I think he's been on it 3 times, and each time we go wants to go again. And then we do. And then he's terrified for the rest of the day and only wants to go on Buzz Lightyear and the carousel. Which was "out of order":

But the sword was still there in front, ever the reliable photo op.

Here are some photos of the Rock'N'Roll baby quilt. #1, squares cut, laid out, not sewn.

#2, quilt top sewn. dismiss the strip of Americana at the top of the pic. That's my bed quilt. (thanks, Mom!)
#3 here's a receiving blanket I whipped up to go with the quilt. The flames are flannel, the guitars are extra cotton from the quilt. I have 2 more cottons to back with flannel and make into receiving blankets.
and NEXT is the reason for my long break! I'm flying up to Redding Friday, and then driving the curvy mountain road to Weaverville for a quilting retreat with my Mom!!

It's a mystery quilt so i don't know what we're making yet, but here are my fabrics. The smaller floral in the upper right is supposed to be my second border - but I had to buy it without comparing fabrics and it doesn't quite go. Watch me throw perfectionism to the wind (as per usual) and not care and use it anyway.
I love, love, love the asian border print i found. in fact, i bought 4 yards of it so I could make a dress out of it, too. Someday when I'm no longer pregnant. Or nursing.


anyway, and then a lot of batiks went with it and batiks are awesome to sew with and they feel so cool to the touch and besides that one fabric I am really excited about these!

so now i'm off to cut said fabric (we have instructions) and pack, and cook and clean and all that and I'll be back on Monday!


Rika Silverpaw said...

Looks like you guys had a blast at Disneyland! I hope you had a wonderful birthday hon, and hope you have a safe and fun trip this weekend! Give everyone my love and lots of hugs for me. ^_^

Gurgy said...

Give your mom a hug for me k? I miss her so much!!! Have a safe and fun trip.

Disneyland is so much more fun than Disney World!!

The Au Family said...

I wish I could be more like you and Karalenn. My mom taught me to sew kind of but everytime I get out my sewing machine I can't figure out how to thread it. Rob always has to do it for me. Not that I could ever even sew a very straight line, but I wish I could make beautiful quilts and dresses and stuff!

Joni said...

too funny, i am making a dress right now out of that asian print. (simplicity 3875 - great for nursing.)