Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sewing List

two more baby-toy prototypes - due sunday

valance - due friday

formal dress - due May 12

80 wedding napkins (possibly) due sometime in June

i have to say that i really enjoy having sewing projects that are for other people, because it is basically the only motivation i have. and then i "get all motivated", and start doing stuff for myself too. which makes me happy.

craig gets most excited about the idea of me making things and then selling them for loads of money, which I have yet to ever do (sell anything, I mean) partially because i haven't made the time and partially because i am terrified of putting a price on stuff that I know has a million flaws and probably won't last more than two weeks.

that's how it feels sometimes, anyway.

also, i'm not sure what i would enjoy sewing most to sell. so then i have all these warring ideas, which means that none of them get done. naturally.

on to the list!


Nanette said...

I think the only thing that I've seen fall apart that you've made is your skirt--and that's because the fabric is old. You could totally sell your stuff!

Levi William Heath said...

Agreed! (with Nan...)

Erin said...

Kris, honestly. We've all been jealous & known this for years.

Hannah said...

i'm just glad to hear that doing stuff for other people motivates you, because i always have friendship guilt when i ask...

Gurgy said...

LOL even I know better than to think that anything you would make would fall apart!! Your so silly. But I understand the part of its hard to get motivated. I need to get motivated to go thru my garage and storage unit and get rid of stuff.... need any furniture? i.e. couch, love seat, chair, ottoman, antique dressers, reclining love seat, recliner... it will never end I think!

Penelope Crackers said...

You goose. You make me fret over designing fabric and trying to sell my art and you wont try to sell your amazingness with sewing? I think I see a double standard. You'd think you'd at least understand when I feel nervous. humph. :) Really though, you could and should. I think that dress will look great on Hannah and those baby toys sure look fun. I think I'm hitting the end of my "sewing season" for a few months now that I've finished Makenzie's dress.