Friday, January 30, 2009

fletch and I have been sick all week. now it sounds like the other two are about to succumb.  (don't tell our dinner guests)

earlier this week:

ME:  sweetie, come here so mommy can hold you.

F: why?

ME: because snuggling helps people to get better faster.

F: ... really?

ME: yep. proven fact.

so we spend all morning cozied up together.  later on that day, as I putter around the apartment, he reaches up to me from his perch on the bean bag, 

"Mom, come here! You are making me sick!"

apparently not snuggling will actually make a person worse. 


Gurgy said...

ROFL.... I may have to try that with Nicole, though she is the one that is really sick right now...


Staci said...

so cute.

Hannah said...

ha ha. and someday my children will disillusion your children of this notion... it will be all about "you're sick, come nowhere near." although if it is up to tyler...

the lunch lady said...

that really is so cute.

that is the one good thing about sick kids, you can get a good snuggle out of them.

Penelope Crackers said...

HAHAHAHA! That is so funny. What a cute curly white haired boy.