Wednesday, January 07, 2009

we spent the weekend bit of New Year's weekend visiting Craig's oldest brother near Fresno. His sister and family, and his mom came down from Auburn as well. it's always nice visiting there - everyone gets along wonderfully and there is a big yard (and cute dogs) to play around.

also Uncle Mark's family is full of boys, like ours, so there are plenty of weapons to be had.  despite the crazy-cold temperatures, the boys were outside for most of the weekend.  my in-laws mentioned that we must be invited to all the parties - since craig spent so much time running around entertaining the kids. 

and it's true - not about the parties so much, heh - but that Craig is always running around with the kids. invariably he will get bored of sitting around the kitchen, chatting and playing grown-up games, and he'll gravitate toward the guns and those who are running around shooting them.

fletcher was thrilled to have daddy on his team against the big guys.  it's hard to win when your weapon of choice is nearly as heavy as you are. 

we also had a nice stroll through one of the nearby orchards.  I was so happy to be out of the city for a couple of days! despite the cold it was beautiful (misty and winter like) and the boys were so contented!  I couldn't believe how much less attention they wanted with a place to run and cousins to do it with. I found myself wandering around once in awhile, looking for them and asking if they needed anything.  the answer was always no. they were happy.

while I think I have managed to stop being wistful about living someplace that is not a big city, I am certainly still wistful for a home with a yard - even a small one - for the boys to play in. we're cranking out the details of a new budget (it is so hard to make a budget, and actually keep it!) and hoping that the housing economy cooperates with our needs for another year or so.  Mark will have to be careful - we may end up at his house for more and more weekends to get our fix. :)

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Penelope Crackers said...

Sounds like boy paradise. I'd bet Kenzie would have fun too though.