Tuesday, June 03, 2008



i have not been blogging very consistently and i apologize - especially since this trend is bound to continue at least until next Monday and possibly until the Monday After That. These beautiful blossoms were a Thank You gift for those wedding napkins i made. Lovely, no? and they will look stunning against my sunny yellow walls.
speaking of sunny yellow walls - the rest of the apartment (this is the view from the red/orange wall you saw before) is still in a state of complete chaos. This is because we are going to be replacing a few key pieces of furniture (bookshelf, entertanment center) which all of the "stuff" on the floor usually sits on. we found a couple of fantastic pieces at a used furniture store on Centinela, both in mahogany and both stained a rich dark red. cheap as IKEA and way more durable.


but instead of going and picking up the furniture, and instead of going to the fashion district to pick up some upholstery fabric so i can finally cover the couch:

well, okay. a trip to the observatory is fully worth it, right? as far as avoidance goes, this is some pretty valid stuff. Fletcher was too young to go to the planetarium (under 5 can only go to the first showing, which we missed) but he really enjoyed looking at the planets ("take a picture of Pluto, mom! Where is Saturn? Oh, there it is, come look Mom!") and seeing meteorites and moon rocks.

they had a live feed there, from the east coast, where there was going to be a shuttle launch (those pesky toilets) and so they had some audio and we happened to be right on the lower floor when they announced, "T minus 35 minutes and counting.." blah blah blah. I hadn't even noticed the feed until then, so I got all interested and so did Craig and we started talking about it.

That was when Fletcher got nervous. He started looking around frantically, and then dragged me over to a bench, "Hurry Mom! we have to sit down!" and then "I'm scared!"

"why? honey, what's wrong?"

"We're going to blast off! I don't want to blast off, Mommy!"

oh joy. it was awesome. we quickly reassured him, but he did not trust that big projected image and we ended up on the upper floor shortly after that.

unfortunately for me, i had some really really great photos to show - better ones of my messy place, better ones of the orchid, and some truly touching ones with my sweet love and our youngest sweet kid. Ones I took with my brand new camera!!

and then i uploaded them onto a new program and then lost them all because i obviously did not know what i was doing. luckily i had a few left (the ones i didn't care for, naturally) so I can still share, but i've spent a very high-blood-pressure morning.

i think i've finally been able to let it go. I no longer wish to toss my beloved new toy out the window with a banshee shriek.

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Kristen and Ryan said...

What a beautiful thank you present! Fletcher is too cute!