Friday, June 13, 2008

my little connor.

i'm pretty sure this is the last time i'm ever going to be able to call him that. he's nearly up to my shoulders now. (and he's not even 8 yet! and i'm not short!)

he's a really cautious kid. i am glad of this. it keeps my blood pressure down. i have a feeling that his younger brother will have the opposite effect on my health.

he is frighteningly good with the ladies. he and elle have this "relationship" already. they play nintendo, make up stories, fall asleep in eachother's arms while watching t.v. (i am not kidding! what do we DO?! it's cute now...) he also tells her, without any trace of embarrasment or self-consciousness that he loves her.

i think these are good things. at his age, i was fully self-conscious. way to embarrased to ever talk about feelings to anyone but my mom. and i didn't have a comfortable, easy relationship with a male until i was about 10 years older than him.

maybe this means that he'll be an easy and respectful boyfriend/husband. right?

every time he has a birthday, i think "one more year gone. X more years to go, before he's out of the house. have i been teaching him enough? have i loved him enough? will he have good habits? will he follow his dreams?"

oh, my little connor.

i hope so.


Erin said...

Oh, Kris. You're gonna make me cry on this one. Who knew we'd be mom's like this? So bizarre, I love it all. Even those scary little moments when things like that cross your mind. You, my friend, are a great mom.

Amber said...

That close up of Conner with his hat on is simply ADORABLE!

Gurgy said...

It is so hard to watch you all grow up. I am really suffering with empty nest syndrom and Nicole still has 2 more years of high school! The fear that she is going to be moving so far away from me, what if something happens and she needs me.... ACK!