Thursday, June 05, 2008

no, you are not seeing things.

these are the exact same pictures from my last post.


they're just better. (go ahead, compare for yourself)
these are the ones i wanted to post, but couldn't because my computer ate them. and caused much anger and high blood pressure.
but then my amazing husband who i love so much spent hours (okay not, but it felt like it) searching through my computer, even though i had tried to get him to give up 4 or 5 times because i just knew it was hopeless, and found them!

and this was right after i had told him that i was kindof being a witchy-witch mom and that maybe i should go out to the bookstore with some girlfriends. **

and he says - can you guess what he says?

"why don't you all go out to dinner first, at that Brazilian place across the street? make a night of it."

is there anyone more wonderful? i ask you.

and THEN as i'm walking out the door to do just that, he slips some extra cash into my pocket and whispers in my ear "there's a Coldstone across the street from the bookstore, why don't you stop there, too, before you come home."

Does this man love me, or what?

**what's this? wondering what we were doing at the bookstore? well, we were sneaking around with this book in our hands, trying to find a place to sit and read the first chapter of this book.

oh yes. it WAS good.


Wendy said...

Did they actually have a real copy of THIS book there??? If so, what bookstore was it??? Enquiring minds want to know.....

Erin said...

Welcome to the Nikon family... beware: it is sooo addicting. Thanks heavens for digital do I can take thousands & then end up with the three I really want. LOVE the orchid pics! My next purchase is going to be Adobe photoshop so I can do all sorts of semi-pro stuff with the pics.
Oh yeah, & way to go Craig, you rock! Husbands everywhere hate you now though.

Nanette said...

Thanks to Craig and ALL our husbands who contributed to this lovely evening!