Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The boys had way too much fun.

here are connor and fletcher with cousins Nate and Stevie. Fletcher locked on to Stevie on day one and held fast through day 2, when they went home. Fletcher called him "buddy", and Stevie called fletch "sir" (his dad's military, he can't help it) :)
the boys had their very first experience with a fishing pole. there was not a single fish in the creek.
saw some big trees.
hiked. a lot.
"there's another squirrel! that's 10 now!" the final count was 23.
saw more, bigger trees.

i'll be posting more bits about Yosemite the next few days. I came home with a couple hundred photos...

Fletcher cried huge heartbreaking tears of grief when we left. "can we come back tomorrow? when will i see taryn again? what about stevie? do they live far far away? why can't we stay?"

so, naturally, we'll have to do it again. and soon. :)


Nathan Lindsay said...

i sure wish I could go fishing with Craig. Lucky boys.

corbeau said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I'd love to come visit, but I'm flying home for a week. And then it's another long 6 months of gathering up leave.

Hmmm, maybe the Easter bar-b-que?

Erin said...

Yeah, it's like that everytime we come back from Boise & the cousins. Horrible sutff, that guilt.