Monday, October 08, 2007

Part 3 of "What Makes me Happy/I am Grateful For". This is the last bit. I promise. :)

On our walk home from taking Connor to school each morning, Fletcher tends to find some bit of nature that he cannot live without. Last week this cute little pinecone was the thing. We took it home and covered it with glitter. He was overwhelmed with the byeew-tee-fuw ness of it.

By now you are all acquainted with my obsession. Thanks to Karalenn for these "peace, hope, love" sheep she found for me in Utah!

Another gift from another friend. These elephants from South Africa are actually a calendar, and go by size in a row - one for each month of the year. Thanks Catherine!

Of course, what could make me happier than these little rock stars? Well, maybe their Dad, but he is nearly impossible to catch for a photograph. :)


corbeau said...

Basically, he gets her to admit that she's different (Heroes code for mutant) and then he says "so am I!" and he picks her up and flies off and it's all very Superman/Smallville.

Anyway, after various flying montages they're kissing on a beach and she notices that he has a strange mark on his neck.

Turns out her dad, back when he was Mr. Evil Glasses and working for the company, kidnapped Flyboy as part of the company's sinister mutant tracking/registration plan. (Yet another X-men plot, I might add.)

Unfortunately, the Haitian didn't remove enough of Flyboy's memory, so he still remembers what MEG looked like. So he'll recognize Claire's Dad if they meet.

Does that help?

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Hi VanDykes!
Just out doing a little blog-stalking tonight. It seems like forever ago we were all at Wymount together, and now look at us (well don't look too close cuz we're a lot fatter!)
Check us out, and link to us it you want!
--Sean and Janet

Nanette said...

Shoot. I need to give you something worthy of display on your "happiness" page. ;)