Monday, October 22, 2007

My Pumpkins
My pumpkins grew a lot this year
In my garden on their vine.
With sunshine, rain and lots of love,
I’m so proud that they are mine.

One of them is long and thin
He’s grown for many years.
And when I see how big he is
I try to hold back tears.

The other one is short and small
He isn’t quite as old
But he makes up for smallish size
By being brave and bold.

One of them is good and kind
And sad when I am sad.
He wants to be a good pumpkin
And tries not to be bad.

The other one is sweet and wild
And keeps me on my toes.
And whether he will e’er calm down
Only Heaven knows.

At first I was surprised to see
How different they‘ve grown.
How two pumpkins from one vine
Have spirits all their own.

I see my gardener’s hands have left
Some prints, just two or three.
A little here a little there,
Made who they’ll someday be.

But as I watch them grow I know
That mostly it’s not me.
They make their way , too soon I’ll say
“it’s time to set you free.”

May they remember my garden here
When they are on their own.
And feel my love and feel my hands
And never feel alone.


Gurgy said...

Now you know I had to print this off to give to your Nana.. She is going to hang it on the fridge I know. It was beautiful!! Give those boys a hug from us!

Hannah said...

great poem! love the analogy.

Nanette said...

WOW! That was so cool! (And cute and awesome too, of course). You make me cry