Sunday, October 07, 2007

More Happiness

My Mom quilted this flag for us for Christmas years ago. I love having a flag in the house and I love that my boys recognized the American Flag at an early age.

We got this Knight's Head Ice Bucket for the Harry Potter room off of ebay last summer. It may be the coolest thing on the planet.

It's Autumn now and that means 3 months of Awesome Fun until the end of the year.


Penelope Crackers said...

Well you've certainly been a busy little bee on your blog the past few days. I kept checking it and saw nothing new for a bit and now I got a little chunk of fun. Thanks> :)
BTW- Seth's new little witch drawing he made and put on his blog reminds Kenzie of you. hahaha.

Nanette said...

I just checked it out and it is SO totally YOU Kristen! The beauty, the pose, the hair, (when it was long anyway)the attitude! Did you pose or something?

Nanette said...

Not your face, though. Just your eyes.