Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This skirt is my current source of joy and happiness. I made it from an old quilt top that Craig's grandmother made. It was so full of holes and so old that I didn't dare try to put backing on it, but I thought it would be a fun length of fabric for this pattern.

I love how it turned out! I've patched a few spots with muslin and hand stitches, and I'll probably have to dry clean it to keep it alive for more than three wearings.

It's got a straight skirt to about mid-thigh, and then 3 ruffles at the bottom. It hangs great, and is nice and heavy at the bottom, and flips so nice when I walk.


Nanette said...

What a fun skirt! I can't wait to see it in action

Erin said...

gorgeous!!! love it & it's so you.

Jeanne said...

So cute, but where is the top half of you?!