Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dog? No. There's no dog here, Mom. I dunno what you are talking about.

The boys had way too much fun with Dusty when we visited Aunt Lisa & Co. on our way up to Weaverville last month. Connor has since decided that he would be willing to give up the heated pool so we can move to a place that allows dogs.

Yeah. We'll get right on that.


Gurgy said...

Now you know that all kids need a dog! Especially boys! hehe... good luck with that one sweetie. On another note we are headed to HP on Saturday, can't wait to see it.


Erin said...

awww, c'mon Mom!!!

Amber said...

Did you see Harry Potter yet? We're going Saturday night. I'm super excited.

Nathan Lindsay said...

Look at those handsome little men! I was just thinking of Connor being a baby laying on Craig's lap in the computer lab at school. wacky. Great to see the photos. Come visit us.