Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some random photos and thoughts and all that.  Look at this guy! He's still cute! :)  At his  7 week check he'd gained 5 lbs and 3.5 inches. Little tank. Now I'm trying all his clothes up to 6 months 0n him to make sure we don't miss anything.  A couple of 6 month items are already looking snug. Yikes. 

The boys are still having fun with Aunt Nancy.  They get all excited when she comes home from school and it usually doesn't take much to convince her to get on the floor and hang out with them for awhile. It's strange that she's been here 3 months already. Just one left!

Connor took this picture of himself and Fletch on one of those car rides when little brother had once again fallen asleep on his shoulder: 

Today at the grocery store, in checkout line, Connor says, "Mom, what are these?"
"Those are cigarette lighters."
"Really? My favorite pencil maker (Bic) makes cigarette lighters?"
"I'm sorry, honey. Maybe you could pretend they're campfire lighters..."
"But that's not what they really are though." 
Poor kid.  He was very disappointed in Bic.  It was totally sweet. 

And here's my honey on his birthday weekend, playing with his new present. He's even found a place that gives group beginner lessons.

and this post is me pretending to catch up on the blogging world for the moment.  Mothers day was a beautiful and relaxing day. My mom's present is still sitting here waiting to be mailed.  Is 7 weeks too long to still be using the new-baby excuse?  sigh.


Maxine Parrish said...

Excellent blogging! 7 weeks is definitely still grounds for newborn baby excuses. And I covet Craig's present. Just a little.

Kathy said...

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I still haven't gotten my groove back...I do a lot of things in the day, just not always what used to get done. Lots of feeding, changing, loving, hugging and holding going on and that's more important! Your mom will completely understand. :) Your guy is doing great. He's a chunk! I love chunky babies...Rachel is about 3 pounds up and she is getting rolls and rolls... love it!

Gurgy said...

They grow up so darn fast! I have to drop you an email about a family reunion next summer.... makes note to email....

Nanette said...

A banjo? I guess the two of you can jam now :)