Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mangoes and Soda
Recent Lapses in Judgement

It was one of those weeks last week - too many demands and not enough sleep equalled one crazy mom who forgot all about New Year's Resolutions. 

Con and I were at Target,  just after a dental appointment for him, running the first of a long string of errands before their camping trip.  I had had about 4 hours sleep the night before and was feeling a little bit like bursting into tears for any (or no) apparent reason.   We walked by one of those mini-refrigerator drink holding machines that they keep at the checkout lines to lure poor schmucks like me and I had Con grab me a caffeinated beverage. 

The day went wonderfully. I wasn't tired, I had all this energy, my attitude was soaring. "Wow, today has been awesome. I'm not even feeling sleepy! ... It must have been that sod- Dang it!

So I had soda. And I wish I could say I'm sorry for it but really I'm not so there world thpppbt. 

And now for the Mango Story.  My friends who remember the Episode of 2006 are all cringeing now.  

I discovered mangoes and their awesomeness right about then, the spring of 2006. I bought many, and ate them regularly for weeks. And then I got MRSA in my leg (I had a blister that got infected) and more blisters here and there and then one day my lips were covered in little welts that lasted for weeks and I (and my doctors) wondered if I was turning into Job or what? and then it all went away and I was fine and I had a mango again and the blisters came back! 

nooooooo! I had become allergic to mangoes. 

or so I thought.

But this spring, I have noticed that I got a few little blisters and my face was feeling a little bit rashy and I didn't have any mangoes. So wait - am I allergic or am I not? Is this blister thing just a Spring Thing that happens to me?  I threw caution to the wind and bought two on sale the other day. I took them home and inhaled them like a recovering mango addict.  heh. 

and now my mouth is feeling kinda funny.... 


Amber said...

Yeah, the whole not getting sleep and working like a dog got me back on soda too. And I honestly don't feel too bad either. It is what sometimes gets me through the day.

Pomona Noltes said...

if i overdo it on mangos, i get itchy lips! i LOVE mangos. they have a lot of allergic properties or something. no fair.

Gurgy said...

Yep lack of sleep is seriously affecting your judgement... rofl. Stay away from the mango's kiddo or go to a doc that can do an allergy test so you know what your allergic to. After all your mom is allergic to corn and certain nuts and your aunt is allergic to a bunch of other things. It seems to happen as we get older.

Nanette said...

You be careful! I'm not there to watch you squeeze your poor wound this time! (or at least feed you some carbs for nausea afterward);)