Friday, May 15, 2009

a-camping they would go.

mother's day weekend our stake always holds it's annual Father/Son campout to celebrate the priesthood in the church. it is possibly the highlight of the boys' year.

fletcher very much enjoyed the rope swing.

and there was some very important moving of large objects.

craig was in charge of the campfire activities and felt like it was a bit of a bust, but everyone says he did a wonderful job. This is possibly because he took up 10 (yes, TEN) laser tag guns for everyone to take turns battling with. 

fletcher and daddy found this the morning before they came home:

and daddy decided to get close enough for a good photo - despite it's being the most poisonous snake in our forest.



Pomona Noltes said...

Wow! What kind of snake was that?

Kristen said...

just a rattler. but it was a baby and they're more dangerous because they'll pump all of their venom in at once.

good times.

Staci said...

Eeeesh! Nothing like a close up of a baby rattler.

It looks like the boys loved it!

Nanette said...

I hope you had lots of fun while they were gone!