Sunday, May 03, 2009

Aunt Nancy sat next to us on the couch with the camera aimed at him until we half-caught a couple of smiles.  Good times.

I think my baby has gained 5 lbs. this week alone! He's suddenly so big and sturdy!

My oldest officially gets the "Big Brother of the Year" award. His place of residence when we travel is now the middle of the back seat - which means that he is often sandwiched between a sleepy 5 year old and a fussing 5 week old. The other day he had Fletch sleeping on his shoulder on one side and Van clutching his hand which was holding the binky on the other.  And he was fine with it.  Such a sweet kid. 

Dh went to see Wolverine yesterday. He said it was "alright".  Kinda took the wind out of my sails. I'm still entertaining hopes that I will like it more than "alright".  

I got an impromptu Girls Night Out last night. Yes, we saw 17 Again; and it was hysterically funny and very endearing.  I'm glad that we all ignored the raised eyebrows of our husbands to go see "that movie".  It was just what we all needed!


Kristen and Ryan said...

I love the photo of Van!! He is too cute!

Connor is so sweet! Maybe he can give tips to some of my kids :)

Gurgy said...

It is so great that Connor is so wonderful with his little brothers!

That picture is too sweet!

Pikula's said...

Connor is wonderful, LOVED HIS TESTIMONY ON SUNDAY!!!

Nancy H. said...

Took forever to get that pic, but I did it! I mean, we did it.

Girls night out was fun! Can't wait to do it again. Just remind me to bring earplugs.

Catherine said...

I too thought the movie was "alright" but I am fine with that since I got to see Hugh Jackman a TON!

Nanette said...

I love the smile! It looks like a Craig smile to me--kinda smirky :)
I can just picture Connor in the back seat being the perfect big bro.!
So sweet!
Miss you!!!!