Friday, May 29, 2009

one of connor's friends from school told us about the Natural History Museum's yearly bug event. naturally, the boys were eager to go and let giant bugs crawl on them. naturally, I made daddy take them.

they got there early, which is good because when they left the line was nearly all the way across the park.  I should have known that they could not attend such an inspiring event without coming home with some.... souvenirs. 

now we get to find some appropriately sized shadow boxes for display.  woo hoo!


Nancy H. said...

I'm just glad that those huge beetles are dead.

DailyFamily said...

eeewwww. I think Dad would have to be taking my boys too, if we had such a wonder. How fun!

Nanette said...

ditto on the EEEWWWW!
I can't believe you actually had that thing on your ARM!
I can't even stand little ants on me!
What a good mom you are :)