Friday, March 13, 2009

I know, I know!  I haven't posted in awhile (sorry, catherine!). But, as you can see, it is not because I am happily taking care of a cute new baby:

No, I am still carrying him around behind my belly button.  I was up all night long last night though. In labor.  And then as soon as the sun came up it stopped. Completely. 

So I get to be tired and sore today. But it's a good thing (the no-baby-yet thing, not the tired-and-sore thing) because we desperately needed milk and quarters for laundry, which I have gotten this morning and feel much more together. 

pretty flowers!  that's just a random photo. Because I like their color.  it's one of my favorite things about Los Angeles - there are flowers EVERYWHERE, and all year long. It makes the city pretty.

This week I have made 3 receiving blankets, 1 1/2 layettes and one pair of booties for Kelly's project. I'm also going to sew 4 layettes for my little guy and a pair of booties. I've never sewn baby clothes before and it's VERY fun! I keep squee-ing as I sew... 


Gurgy said...

Woot! Keep us updated =), both Nana and I wish we could be there. We are working on getting our raised garden beds in over the next week. They are looking really nice. I will post pics on my blog for ya!

Nanette said...

I hope you can get some zzzzz's!
How fun to sew little things!!
Don't forget to give us a sneak peak at them!
Hang in there!

Kristen and Ryan said...

What a cute baby bump! I hope he arrives soon for you!!!

Catherine said...

You are so awesome!

I thought to myself this evening, "Self... if she hasn't blogged anything new, then we're just going to have to call her and see if there are strange new baby sounds in the background."

Now, who knew that, had I made the phone call, I might have thought the "squee-ing" was a new baby. Probably a good thing you went ahead and updated your blog.

Erin said...

Good luck my dear.... I'll send contracting thoughts your way. You look sooo cute BTW!