Monday, March 16, 2009

some of last week's creations:

uber-scrumptious cupcakes. that plate did not last two days.  y.u.m.

super-soft receiving blankets with fabric from Mom's shop. *love*

soon-t0-be booties and layettes for the project.  

I was feeling pretty darn crafty by the end of the week, and thinking I had accomplished "all this stuff."  

Meanwhile I'd been talking about getting our master bedroom cleaned and organized before another small human was required to share the space.  I'd been talking about it for a good few months. 

Finally the other day my dear-sweet-undeserved husband gave up and did it all for me.  

And then he gave us all a painting lesson for FHE tonight. The boys did swirly ribbons, sister started a fairy painting, d-s-u made a portrait of a fictional character and I copied a vintage pattern that I like. (because any images my imagination might provide me will decidedly NOT look as cute when I try to get them onto paper. kristen must copy)

it was fun! i think everyone (except perhaps our actual full-fledged artist) came away rather impressed with themselves. :)


Nanette said...

Woa! Who's ubermom, now?!!
YOU! That's who :)

Catherine said...

Ummm...... that two times in this blog that I've seen the word, "UBER."

Very funny and MAN! I wish I could draw/do art like you guys!