Sunday, March 22, 2009

when a friend calls and says, "we should come over and hang out tonight! we'll bring dessert." it usually just means she wants some pants hemmed before you go into labor. 

and then she'll be bored while you sew and do this to your pin cushion:

now it's all cute and I'm gonna feel guilty if I ever mess it up. 

on another note:

we went to Round Table pizza yesterday for lunch - since it's my favorite pizza place ever and located too far away for us to order in after the baby comes. none of that trendy, thin crusted pizza for me, thank you. This stuff you can sink your teeth into - and the garlic twists are simply without compare. 

D-s-u had his last day of work for a MONTH on Friday and excitement abounds here at home. There has been much fun-planning and spontaneous woo-hoo-ing the past couple of days. He has also started his own blog HERE to document his month-o-fun at home. :) 


Gurgy said...

Ohhhhhh I MISS RT Pizza... Let us know when the little one decides to grace us with his presence =)...

DailyFamily said...

Mmmm...I also miss Round Table.

Nanette said...

I love the pin flowers. . .And the garlic twists!
We haven't even had them here yet!
Silly us!
I guess we're waiting for you to come visit! ;)

Hannah said...

i wasn't bored... just exercising my creativity! and yes, dessert was a bribe, but an effective way to get things done since Vander arrived 3 days later.

Nanette said...

Hey! I guess you can go to Round Table on your birthday after all!