Thursday, September 11, 2008

what does a man do when his wife has largely neglected the housework for a few weeks? what does he do when he's been the one picking up here and there when he sees something needs to be done? 

shockingly enough, he buys his wife flowers. 

and chocolate. 

and then he cleans the house again while she cuts the flowers and puts them in a couple of vases (there were a lot of flowers), and then he takes out the trash and recycling while she throws together a quick dinner. And then he watches the kids for an hour while she runs out to make pretty cards with her friends. 

so I'm working on the master bedroom today, (traditionally the master bedroom has been the "pit of doom" in this house; where everything gets tossed when unexpected company drops by) in an effort to be worthy of said flowers and chocolate.  well okay, actually Fletcher is cleaning my room FOR me while I blog... so I had better get going now!


The Au Family said...

Man...what pregnant women do to their husbands! And yet, they are so loving and helpful! What would we do without them? I'd hate to think what my house would look like without Rob's help!

a and d said...

You are too funny and the boys are getting so big. They will be terrific big brothers!! Let me know if you need anything!!!! SERIOUS, just call!

Nanette said...

AW! He is in the lead for best husband! (after all, mine is taking me away ;(

Hannah said...

perhaps said wife should not clean more often... seems to get good results.