Friday, September 19, 2008

Good morning fair friends. I am spending the weekend with her to do this and this

YOU: kristen, i didn't know you were an artist!
ME: um. i'm..... not. 
YOU: oh. well, then why ...?
ME: because it will be fun, right? i don't need SKILLS to do this stuff, right?! 
YOU: .....sure, hon. you have fun now. 
ME: thank you. i will. 

looking forward to a fun girls' weekend, and hopefully some evening beach time saturday.  see you all next week!


Levi William Heath said...

SWEET...Uhm, I'm totally lost?! -R

Nanette said...

You simply MUST post pictures of your creations next week!
Have fun!

Hannah said...

why did I not know about this? am I really that gone? sad for me. but happy for you. have fun!