Saturday, September 13, 2008


(craig totally posed that feather)

I'm not even sure where in my parents' yard this was taken. Maybe the west fence... 
anyway - 
Happy Birthday Mom!  Nancy called me to declare that you loved your present (hooray!) and I hope you have a good time wherever you went today for "shop stuff". 

Some random information about Mom: 
- she can belch like Shrek and passed that trait on to my younger sisters.  I had friends in high school who would brag about her. 
- she's funny. 
- and a good writer. but she doesn't like to write so the world will see her passing without ever knowing what it missed out on. 
- she made many of my clothes until I was about 13. Then I started demanding blue jeans and only let her sew my dresses. She's really good at it. 
- she's pretty outdoorsy, but she doesn't love camping. (she hates camping), and while she's been hunting several times Dad said once when they went together and she actually shot a deer, it didn't die right away.  "oh my gosh allen, it's not dead! It's in pain! Oh my gosh, shoot it, SHOOT IT!"  I think that was the last time she ever went. (she'll correct me if I'm wrong).

my sisters and I all have a bit of her in us. I love the outdoors with a vengeance and I picked up her sarcastic sense of humor and voracious love of books. All those things apply to Sharon too, who also got a hardcore dose of Mom's reserved side.  Nancy is a quick student and tends to be of the same "i can do it better myself, please don't help me" school of thought.  Jacquie totally got Mom's ADD. Girl can't sit still, and doesn't like to spend too long on one project. "bored now, what's next?" 

Love You Mom! 


Nanette said...

Happy birthday, Kristen's Mom!

Brenda S said...

Thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes. . . . and Jacquie can't belch to save her life, its pathetic. Instead of going to Portland for a very expensive shopping trip for the shop, Sue and I went on a Shop Hop sponsored by 9 count them NINE quilt shops and we HIT THEM ALL! PLUS two more! Kristen, I got your Christmas present! You're gonna love it!Wahoo!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Brenda, thanks for watching me all those times when I was a spastic little kid, thanks for raising my best friend so well and for so many years all by yourself, my hat's off to you. Oh yeah, and thanks for letting us get her dress up clothes all over the house & outside as we played Robin Hood.

Kris, pass this on for me eh? xoxox

Gurgy said...

Happy Birthday Sis! Gosh I miss you so much! (kris pass this on for me as well) I love how well you pegged all of you girls traits that you inherited from your mom. I think Nicole got her belching gene as I can't belch to save my life and she is totally like her aunt. She also got the internalize everything gene from her lol. Love you all and miss you so much.