Tuesday, September 09, 2008

there was a little extra special something that I picked up over Labor Day weekend at my parents house. 

my mother is either very generous and loving or else she is trying to absolve some leftover guilt from my childhood (she didn't feed me enough sweets. I may never get over it). 

WHAT could it BE?! 

ahhhh. beauty. love. joy. 

there is a somewhat recent craze sweeping the quilting world for vintage featherweight sewing machines.  now, if you can find one at a yard sale for less than $200 you have gotten yourself a serious deal. 

I don't know what year the Singer is. I think Mom said it's a '56, but that might be something else I'm thinking of. The last copyright date on the instruction booklet is '41. Runs like a dream, quiet as a cloud.  Somebody loves me!



Nancy H. said...

I'm quite glad to be rid of it. It was always in the way in the house and I'd end up tripping over it or hurting myself.

DailyFamily said...

too too fun! lucky you.

Gurgy said...

ROFL, I think we have a couple of those in the storage unit lol. You think I could talk Nana into selling them?? No I didn't think so either.... rofl.. Nice sweetie I know you will enjoy it!

the lunch lady said...

you. are. so. lucky!