Friday, August 15, 2008

Taaaarrrrr pits!

we headed to the tar pits yesterday - a first time for me.  the whole area there around the La Brea pits and museum stinks like tar. (actually, the scientists call it asphalt)  all of those skulls on the wall are "dire wolves" that died in the pits. (also I will never say "saber toothed tiger" again, as it was pounded into my brain that the appropriate term, people, is "saber toothed CAT") 
there was a hill to climb
and roll down.
and a couple of open pits around the grounds. 
excavation pit 91 was open for an hour while we were there. nobody was working in it but a large man with long pink hair and creative ear piercings was there, telling people about the recent finds (giant tusks) and some projects they are working on soon. Anyone can volunteer to help excavate (Connor's dream come true). You only have to be "16 years old and breathing". 

So if we're still here in 8 years, you can bet he'll be down and dirty with the rest of them.

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